The Team 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in higher education, offering unprecedented opportunities for personalized engagement, data analysis, and resource optimization. However, concerns about the ethical implications of AI usage loom large, prompting the need for a strategic framework that prioritizes responsible AI governance.

In 2023, RNL took a significant step forward by investing in a robust strategic framework that includes AI governance. Led by our Chief AI Officer (CAIO), Dr. Stephen Drew, RNL has established a dedicated AI team committed to implementing responsible AI practices, drawing inspiration from the principles of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Dr. Stephen Drew

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Roger Lee

Senior Vice President, AI Success & Sustainability

Subreina Thelwell

Senior Vice President, AI Solutions Consulting

Rebecca Jenkins

Head of AI Marketing

Alison Burchett

Vice President, Data Governance and Strategy

Austen Kelso

Vice President Product Owner, Enrollment

Jenna Benzer

Vice President, Product Owner Graduate & Online Enrollment Product Strategy

David Palmer

Vice President, AI Technology Strategy

Maile Juranits

Assistant Vice President Digital Product Management

Melissa Adair

Assistant Vice President of FM Strategy & Integration

Jaideep Shah

Assistant Vice President of Product Management, Predictive Analytics

So Hye Park

Applied AI Scientist

Emily McGinnity

Director of AI Program Management

Solomon Grey

Director of Program Management

Friedi Maag

AI Solutions Consultant

Jesse Choi

AI Solutions Consultant

Ashwin Kanna

Conversational AI Developer

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