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What if You Can Ask Your CRM Questions About Your data and Get Answers Immediately? With RNL Insights You Can!

Imagine having the power to unlock strategic enrollment insights effortlessly, without the hassle of waiting for reports or navigating through multiple dashboards. Introducing RNL Insights, RNL’s groundbreaking AI tool designed to revolutionize enrollment and fundraising management. Make meaning of the data from your CRM, grow enrollment, enhance student and donor engagement, and achieve your mission like never before.

With RNL Insights, this becomes a reality. Our platform seamlessly integrates an intuitive data board and a conversational interface, facilitating dynamic conversations with your CRM. From analyzing current melt rates to fine-tuning enrollment strategies within a 30-minute radius of your campus, every query is met with immediate answers. It’s not just about data analysis—it’s about empowering your institution with transformative insights. RNL Insights isn’t just a tool; it will become the driving force behind your institution’s success.

Why Choose RNL Insights?


Have a Conversation with Your Data

Ask your data any question with RNL Insights’s chat interface. Your questions are analyzed and Insights answers in a conversational way that is supported by charts and graphs. Get insights from your data without running queries or digging through dashboards.

Connects to Any Data Source

Easily connect to three different data sources, like your CRM, the athletic department’s CRM, and your financial aid management software, define your data framework, and create a single source of truth for all users.


Instant Responses

Query millions of data points 100x faster than current data warehouses. Say goodbye to tedious tasks with automated insights that lighten your team’s workload.

Data Navigator Interface

Use the conversational chat tool paired with the Data Navigator dashboards that highlight key metric performance and allow you to freely analyze any part of your data with just a few clicks. Continuously drill down to investigate the details of what changed and why with complete accuracy.


Secure Platform

Rest easy knowing your data is kept safe and confidential through RNL’s closed AI GPT tool.

Boost Enrollment and Fundraising Success

Stand out from the crowd with personalized advice and predictive analytics that give your university an edge.

AI Governance

We make innovative technologies you can trust, ensuring seamless adoption and implementation, while prioritizing security, transparency, ethics, and responsibility.

Explore the Possibilities with RNL Insights

Map Your Success

Get a bird’s-eye view of where students or donors are coming from, helping you pinpoint areas of focus.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Compare your recruiting game to other universities with RNL Edge’s benchmarking tools so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Plan for Tomorrow

Use RNL Edge’s crystal ball feature to predict future trends, helping you stay ahead of the curve and plan strategically.

Spot Red Flags Early

With RNL Edge’s real-time trend analysis, you can ensure proactive adjustments to keep your recruitment or fundraising strategy on course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RNL Insights help universities?

RNL Insights is the first conversational AI data analyst tool tailored specifically to universities. It helps universities make sense of their vast amounts of data quickly and easily. RNL Insights can analyze all your university’s data in seconds and provides you with expert-level answers to complex questions like “Why did enrollment decrease for the fall entry term?”.  

RNL Insights unites the creative, comprehension-rich side of a large language model (LLM) (the “right brain”) with the logic and reasoning of advanced analytics techniques (the “left brain”). This combination makes sophisticated analysis easier for everyone to use, without losing accuracy or effectiveness.

What challenges faced by universities does RNL Insights help alleviate and what outcomes can universities expect once the tool has been integrated into their strategy?

RNL Insights solves the typical challenges seen in current analytics tools within a university: 

  1. Taking too long to get answers.
  2. Missed revenue opportunities.
  3. Poor adoption rates among users (under 30%).
  4. Growing backlogs for report requests and analysis.

How does RNL Insights work?

RNL Insights delivers accurate and robust analysis faster and more robustly than your CRM can due to four key innovations: 

  1. RNL Insights’ Natural Language Chat – Simply Ask Your Data: Ask your data any question with RNL Insights’ chat interface. Your question is automatically analyzed and the results are presented in everyday language supported by visualizations. This is the easiest and quickest way for users to get insights from their data without running queries or digging through dashboards. 
  2. Lightning-Compute Engine (LCE)- Engineered for Speed and Savings: RNL Insights has designed and developed a highly optimized compute engine capable of processing millions of data points in the blink of an eye. It has query speeds 100x over current data warehouses.
  3. Core Analytics Engine – Expert-Level Analysis: The core analytics engine for RNL Insights carries out intricate analysis of all your data, whether that’s checking every segment, identifying anomalies, detecting outliers, diving into funnel analytics, or conducting robust comparative analysis, nothing is missed.
  4. Data Navigator – Explore all your Data in a Single Interface: RNL Insights is supported by the Data Navigator which highlights key metric performance and allows you to freely analyze any part of your data with just a few clicks. Continuously drill down to investigate the details of what changed and why with complete accuracy.

RNL will use a data modeler to define the tables, dimensions, and metrics in the dataset. After these definitions are set, we automatically generate an ETL to pull the relevant data. The data is then stored in a format for our Lightning Compute Engine which is specifically designed and optimized to process millions of data points in seconds and simultaneously cuts costs.  

What are the main use cases for RNL Insights for Enrollment Management Leaders?

Within RNL Insights, you can have a conversation with your CRM about your specific enrollment trends and the outcomes of your recruitment activities: 

  1. Gain insights and drive correlations between your CRM database/enrollments data, asking questions like: 
    • How many leads were generated from last week’s college fair? 
    • How many deposits do I have from Hancock County for Fall 2024?
    • What activities lead to the application increase last week?

What are the main use cases for RNL Insights for Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations Leaders?

With RNL Insights, you can track the outcomes of donor meetings, determine what activities lead to a group of donors increasing their giving amount, monitor new donors, track donation amounts, and identify top-performing campaigns with precision and accuracy. Our customizable analytics drill down to specific metrics that matter most to your organization. Go beyond typical conversion metrics by being able to ask your own questions and drive analysis in real time. 

    • Which alumni groups have been consistently donating above their average annual gift amount, and what motivates them to do so?
    • Are there any demographic segments within our current donor base where we can expect increased giving due to recent changes in income or life circumstances?

How long does it typically take to implement RNL Insights from start to finish?

Implementation timeline estimates will be included in the Statement of Work and will fluctuate based on the confirmed data boards and data sources to be implemented to meet the business needs and requirements.  

When thinking about timelines for implementing Insights, RNL will want to take a closer look at the specific need of the client/partner in addition to data readiness. Before coming up with an implementation timeline for the SOW, our experts will dive deeper into the specific pain points for reporting and analytics and what matters most to the client/partner.  

RNL Insights simplifies the data setup process and eliminates the need for ongoing dashboard maintenance. Assuming ideal data readiness on the client/partner side, the average onboarding is estimated to be completed in 2-4 weeks for a single data board with 1 data source.

Is the analysis happening in real-time?

Yes. As users ask questions, RNL Insights analyzes your data in real-time so you always see the latest results. This allows users to ask any question and always get an answer right away. 

However, note that the data analyzed by RNL Insights is updated based on when customer’s data is fully updated in their data platform.

Stay Ahead of Enrollment Challenges

Get RNL Edge AI today and steer your recruitment strategy towards success!

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