About RNL

At RNL We’re Here to Make Higher Education Institutions Successful and Vibrant Through Inspired and Relevant Engagement.


Our Mission

For nearly 50 years, colleges and nonprofit organizations have turned to Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) to enroll the students they want, help more students graduate and succeed, and build lifelong relationships with donors. Our mission is to make colleges, universities, and nonprofits successful and vibrant with inspired and relevant engagement with our team of experts. With the integration of the latest AI technology, RNL is poised to continue empowering our partners, ensuring their sustained success in the ever-evolving higher education landscape.

Our Vision & Values

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We are a catalyst for transformation and innovation that breaks new ground and makes an impact.

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We inspire initiative through collaboration, transparency, accountability, and ownership.

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We work together to harness our collective capabilities, increase engagement, and drive greater outcomes for our partners.


AI & Product Management Council

In December 2023, RNL kicked off the AI & Product Management Council. This council consists of cross-functional representatives who meet monthly to discuss and share updates and new ideas and features about our AI solutions to ensure that our solutions are built with transparency and built responsibly.

Council Mission Statement

We are committed to integrating and advocating ethical AI. Beyond just implementation, we champion AI awareness within RNL and the higher education community, ensuring alignment with ethical guidelines and policies. As we continue to transform, our goal is to position RNL as an innovative leader in the AI landscape, always informed and compliant with evolving legislation.

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