RNL Edge: Where AI and Expertise Power Success

RNL Edge offers advanced AI solutions designed just for universities. It blends the latest AI technology with years of experience from the top experts in higher education.

The Only AI Solution You Need for Your Institution.

As the ultimate AI solution crafted exclusively for universities by people who understand higher education, RNL Edge combines cutting-edge AI technology with decades of expertise from the most experienced consultants in higher education.

Our solutions are designed to simplify your institution’s operations and improve communication with students, alumni, donors, faculty, and staff. From engaging potential students to analyzing data and providing valuable insights, RNL Edge equips you with the tools you need to succeed.

With our commitment to responsible AI, you can trust that your institution’s privacy and intellectual property are protected. Unlike other AI tools, RNL Edge provides a private solution that aligns with the highest standards of privacy and security.

Our Products

RNL Compass

RNL Compass is the ultimate digital assistant tool that seamlessly integrates with your institution’s CRM. Providing 24/7 support and guidance to potential students, parents, and alumni, RNL Compass will be your go-to resource for admissions, financial aid, alumni, and donor questions.

With RNL Compass integrated into your website, your recruiting and fundraising teams can redirect their focus toward nurturing and supporting their students.

Student Engagement

RNL Answers

RNL Answers is a game-changer for universities. It’s an internal chat tool exclusively leveraging your institution’s data hosted on RNL’s secure server. Whether you need a concise summary of a donor record, a detailed analysis of ROI from your latest eighth-day enrollment report, or assistance in crafting personalized communications, RNL Answers delivers. Unlike commercial large language model GPT tools, RNL Answers is built on a secure server infrastructure that ensures alignment with privacy and intellectual property standards, empowering your staff to thrive with confidence.  

Whether aiding admissions, crafting targeted marketing copy, guiding academic advisors, or supporting HR, RNL Answers is a fully managed tool that is adapted to your needs. 

RNL Insights

Imagine having a conversation with your CRM and being able to unlock strategic insights effortlessly, without the hassle of waiting for reports or navigating through multiple dashboards. 

Introducing RNL Insights, RNL’s groundbreaking AI tool designed to revolutionize enrollment management and fundraising efforts. Make meaning from the data from your CRM, grow your enrollment and endowment, enhance engagement, and achieve your mission like before.

What Makes RNL Edge Different

Our Approach to Responsible AI

In the realm of higher education, AI isn’t about replacing human touch; it’s about amplifying it. Our mission at RNL is to harness AI to enrich the human experience and liberate time for meaningful interactions. By prioritizing responsible AI governance guided by principles like Fairness, Empathy, Accountability, and Transparency, we ensure that technology serves to augment, not overshadow, the pivotal connections that truly make a difference in students’ lives.

Flexible Solutions

The RNL Edge AI solutions are designed as versatile, general-purpose tools that can be customized to address your university’s unique needs. Unlike many other AI tools that are built for single, specific functions, RNL Edge provides a flexible platform capable of solving a wide array of challenges. This adaptability allows our partners to collaborate with our expert team to tailor the solutions precisely to their unique pain points, ensuring a perfect fit for every institution.

100% Managed Service

With our 100% managed service, you get top-notch AI and higher education expertise without having to make more time in your day manage it. You don’t have to spend hours training on a new tool, stress about pulling reports, and training a chat tool. Rest assured that you are working with the best minds in higher education AI.

Experience the Power of RNL Edge Today!

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