RNL Answers

Your Institution’s “Get Work Done” Tool

Step into the future of university operations with RNL Answers—an innovative AI solution designed to revolutionize your institution’s efficiency and effectiveness. From admissions to human resources, advancement to student support services, RNL Answers is your customizable ally, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Imagine effortlessly evaluating applications, crafting personalized responses to student inquiries, or streamlining complex employee benefit queries during open enrollment. With RNL Answers, these tasks become streamlined and efficient, freeing up valuable staff time for more impactful engagements. 

Our advanced AI platform doesn’t just promise efficiency—it delivers ironclad data processing and unparalleled support, ensuring your university stays ahead of the curve. And with customizable features, you can rest assured that RNL Answers will seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows, enhancing productivity across the board. Plus, with security and privacy concerns at the forefront, RNL Answers is hosted on a secure server managed by RNL, providing peace of mind for your institution regarding privacy and intellectual property. 

From admissions to human resources, marketing communications to student support services there are an unlimited number of uses for RNL Answers. Documents can be curated at the institution, department, and personal level, providing most relevant information to the large language model to generate answers tailored for your unique needs so it is fully customizable and tailored to meet your unique needs. With RNL Answers, these tasks become streamlined and efficient, freeing up valuable staff time for more impactful engagements.

Why Choose RNL Answers


AI Value from Day One

RNL Answers is your personal assistant trained specifically on your university’s information. From day one, it has a deep understanding of your school’s internal knowledge base.

Easy Interface

With a user-friendly, conversational interface, RNL Answers caters to users of all tech comfort levels.


Optimize Staff Time

Get answers to your questions about university processes, general information and data quickly and have them neatly packaged in a way that’s easy to understand – saving your team time so they can focus on serving students.

Versatile Application Across Departments

From admissions to human resources, marketing communications to student support services, RNL Answers offers versatile applications across various university departments. Its flexibility and adaptability cater to your university’s unique needs.


Robust Data Security

Enjoy peace of mind with RNL Answers’ robust data protection measures, ensuring the confidentiality of your university’s information. This means you can use this tool to help with student-specific tasks that would be a data security violation with a tool like ChatGPT.

AI Governance

We make innovative technologies you can trust, ensuring seamless adoption and implementation, while prioritizing security, transparency, ethics, and responsibility.

The Ultimate Tool for Faculty and Staff

Admissions Assistance

Evaluate applications, create individualized messaging to respond to student questions, and use as knowledge resource tool for new admissions counselors.

Academic Advising

Provides advising staff with a personalized tool for generating recommendations on course selection, degree planning, and graduation requirements, freeing up valuable time for one-on-one support with students.

Idea Generation

Foster innovation and problem-solving among staff and faculty.

Marketing and Communication

Craft website copy, email campaigns, and content based on institutional messaging.

Faculty Support

Support curriculum development, research assistance through data analytics, and guidance on teaching support.

Write Great Content Quickly

Use RNL Answers for personalized, time-saving communications that resonate with your audience. It enhances writing, improves grammar, shortens text, expands details, adjusts tone, and even summarizes conversations for efficient note-taking.

Experience the Power of RNL Answers Today!

Are you ready to streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and prioritize student success? Contact us now to schedule a demo and discover how RNL Answers can transform your university operations.

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