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Welcome to RNL Compass: Your Ultimate Digital Assistant!

Decrease Acquisition Costs. Improve Engagement. Free Up Staff Time.

RNL Compass is the ultimate digital assistant tool, seamlessly integrated with your CRM. Engage stakeholders with a chat tool they’ll love, fostering affinity and engagement for your university. Providing 24/7 support and guidance to potential students, parents, and alumni, RNL Compass will be your go-to resource for admissions, financial aid, alumni, and donor questions. With RNL Compass integrated into your website, your recruiting and fundraising teams can redirect their focus toward nurturing and supporting their students.

Discover How Universities Are Using RNL Compass

24/7 Engagement

RNL Compass handles inbound communication on your team’s behalf. And because it is trained on your specific university, your students and alumni will feel like they are talking to a trusted advisor.

Campus Visit Scheduling

Prospective students and their families can schedule a campus visit simply by asking RNL Compass. No more cumbersome forms to fill out or webpages to navigate to.

Financial Aid Guidance

Personalized assistance for students and families navigating the financial aid process, including FAFSA applications, scholarships opportunities, and tuition payment options.

Alumni Event Scheduling

Make it easy for alumni to learn about upcoming events and RSVP, increasing their engagement. They can search and register for events just by asking RNL Compass using our conversational chat interface directly on your events website.

Academic Program Consulting

RNL Compass can help prospective students pick the right major through an interactive chat that will provide tailored suggestions to help prospective students pick the right major for them.

Effortless Donor Guidance

RNL Compass can assist potential donors in finding the right fund by chatting with them and offering personalized recommendations. It makes the donation process simple and straightforward, helping donors quickly and easily support the causes they care about most.

We Believe in responsible & Transparent AI

We make innovative technologies you can trust, ensuring seamless adoption and implementation, while prioritizing security, transparency, ethics, and responsibility.

Why Choose RNL Compass

Natural, Approachable Responses

RNL Compass differs from traditional chatbots by using Dialogue Understanding (DU) instead of NLU models, allowing it to consider the whole conversation and context, produce command sequences, and generate responses dynamically. This approach lets users guide the conversation more naturally, improving their experience, and combines the strengths of Large Language Models (LLMs) with the control and reliability of NLU-based systems.

Real-Time Communication

Connect with today’s students, parents, and alumni through authentic, conversational exchanges, ensuring seamless positive interactions with your university.  The tool’s 24/7 availability leads to increased engagement, conversion, and affinity during the enrollment and donor journeys.

Fully Managed Solution

Our fully managed solution simplifies setup and maintenance, ensuring institutions can quickly deploy and benefit from the latest updates without the need for extensive technical expertise. By handling infrastructure management, providing 24/7 support, and delivering enhanced security, RNL Compass reduces operational burden and total cost of ownership while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

CRM Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with your CRM, website, and other data sources, ensuring consistent and accurate responses based solely on university information.

Optimize Staff Time

Free up valuable staff time with automated assistance and support, allowing your team to focus on meaningful student engagement.

Data Security

Rest easy knowing that your university’s sensitive information is 100% secure, with responses based only on approved data sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RNL Compass work to help a university?

RNL Compass benefits universities in many ways including:  

Create more ways for stakeholders to solve problems without talking to a person (self-service), making it more convenient and faster for everyone involved. 

Automatic Data Gathering
Gather stakeholder info automatically based on the questions they ask, the information they provide about themselves, and the interests they talk about with RNL Compass. 

Insight Generation
Make things happen behind the scenes, such as identifying patterns in requests and providing insights. This feature is amplified when your university also uses RNL Insights. 

Conversational Visit Scheduling
Prospective students and families can schedule their campus visit using our conversational chat tool, making it less cumbersome than navigating an event-scheduling website.

What kind of AI technology does RNL Compass Use?

RNL Compass is a generative AI conversational digital assistant tool that is built on a closed AI system. It provides a native approach to building contextual AI conversations. Unlike open AI systems (like ChatGPT), closed AI systems provide increased security, privacy, and explainability that will safeguard user information and prevent hallucinations. A closed AI system also ensures that model development/refinement is under our control.   

With RNL Compass, our approach allows us to: 

Cutting-edge contextual conversation understanding
Navigate nuanced customer journeys

Leverage language models

Handle common conversational patterns
Manage digression, correction, and disambiguation effectively

How is RNL Compass different from traditional chatbots?

With RNL Compass, we do not need to use NLU models anymore, meaning that you do not have to define or categorize intents. Instead, you focus on the core business logic.  

Compass uses a new approach called Dialogue Understanding (DU) to interpret what users are saying in a way that aligns with your university. This is different from the traditional NLU approach in three key ways: 

Context Consideration
Unlike NLU, which looks at each message on its own, DU considers the whole conversation and your university’s information to understand the context better.  

Command Sequence Output
Instead of identifying intents and entities like NLU systems, DU produces a sequence of commands that show how users want to move the conversation forward.

Generative Nature
While NLU systems are limited to a predefined list of intents, DU can create a variety of commands using internal grammar. This gives us a far richer language to represent what users want.

This lets users guide the conversation more naturally, improving their overall experience. RNL Compass uses language models to understand the context complex conversation then chooses the best next step by activating modular user journeys called “flows”, or by searching within the Vector Database of your choice.  

RNL Compass was designed to give you the best of both worlds: the time-to-value, generality, and fluency of the latest generation of LLMs, and the robustness, reliability, control, and debuggability of NLU-based chatbots. 

How is RNL Compass trained?

We train RNL Compass in two key skills to help it understand and respond to users effectively.  

First, we show it lots of user data to learn patterns and figure out what people typically want to achieve when they type certain words or phrases (this is called Natural Language Understanding or NLU).  

Second, we give the development team guidelines on how RNL Compass should behave during conversations to keep the discussions flowing smoothly. By combining these two approaches, Compass becomes good at understanding what users want and responding accordingly.

How customizable is RNL Compass’s interface?

We strive to create tools that showcase the mission, values and brand of the universities we partner with. We will work with our clients and partners to create a look and feel that meets the university’s needs. Color scheme, fonts, layouts, and messaging can all be supported.

What user data does RNL Compass collect and how is it handled?

The exact specifications of how data is handled will vary based on the university’s database and will be documented as part of the solution design.  However, the tool will never independently store or save any proprietary information. RNL has invested in a strong framework for AI governance. We’ve assembled a dedicated team focused on responsible AI practices, guided by the principles of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

How long does it typically take to implement RNL Compass from start to finish?

Implementation timeline estimates will be included in the Statement if Work based on the confirmed use cases to be implemented to meet the business needs and requirements.  

When thinking about timelines for implementing Compass, RNL will want to take a closer look at your specific needs. Before coming up with an implementation timeline for the SOW, our experts will base the implementation timeline on the specific pain points and what matters most to our partners.  

Estimates will fluctuate based on use cases, number of students, number of programs (just undergrad, undergrad + grad), technical integrations required, and university’s availability to collaborate. 

Experience the Future of Engagement with RNL’s Compass: Your Trusted Companion for Student Success

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